So…I’m a bit late but I’ve been super busy with schoolwork as always :( …but I did finally get the time to upload the barre chord video demo I promised of Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me”! It makes heavy use of the B minor barre chord which makes it great for you to practice it on! :)

P.S. Before you can practice this progression you should be able to play a decent B Minor chord. If you can’t, you should look through my other posts for lots of useful tips on getting the hang of barre chords! :P

Once I master the song myself I’ll upload a perfect cover of the whole thing (and maybe get a friend to sing along) :P Anyways, just take a good look at how to finger the B Minor barre chord and try to imitate that while practicing. The other chords are A Major, D Major, and G Major – you should be able to tell which is which by now :P

Have fun practicing the progression and if you have trouble be sure to check out my other posts (try looking through the categories section) for lots of helpful pointers and advice on playing barre chords well! :)

P.S. In the unlikely event that you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know the song just search it up on YouTube! :P I’ll post some new barre chord tips later/tomorrow that should make it even easier to practice.