Hey all :) So when you’re playing barre chords – or anything on guitar(or any other musical instrument) for that matter – you’re developing something known as muscle memory. I learned about this through sports, as a competitive swimmer, but it translates directly into music as well.

Muscle memory is the capacity of your muscles to perform certain actions – with minimal conscious thought – as a result of repeated execution of a sequence/action. Barre chords require a lot of thought, and careful finger manipulation, to play – at first – but after some time (as I’ve promised in previous posts) become second nature. This is a direct result of muscle memory – which comes from practice.

The catch to muscle memory is that the muscles involved (in this case – those in your fingers) will “learn” whatever repetitive motion you put them through – correct or not. For this reason it is critically important that you observe technique when learning to play barre chords – as well as related progressions. Incorrect hand position, finger placement, wrist angle, etc. will QUICKLY become second nature and will be VERY difficult to change! Trust me…I learned that the hard way :(

To that end, you should look through the categories in the sidebar to the right and read up all my previous posts (and watch the related videos, etc) to make sure that you aren’t reinforcing bad habits. Once you’re practicing the right thing constantly – paying more attention to accuracy, than speed (at first) – you will quickly find that barre chords (and other challenges in learning to play guitar) become natural and no longer require such intense concentration. The important thing is to reinforce good habits! :P

Just in case you’re too lazy to go through my other posts I’m making special mention of something I’ve talked about before – using a metronome. A metronome is EXCELLENT for training muscle memory and I doubt I could have got the hang of barre chords without it (at least not so quickly). You should at least look for that post if nothing else and read my tips on how to make the best of it! :)

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