So I’ve been really busy with school but here’s a quick post on how to spot annoying fingering mistakes when strumming barre chords! The most common problem beginners get when learning barre chords is an unpleasant, chunky, buzzing sound when they strum the chord. Often, this is caused by accidentally muting one or more of the strings by touching it with a finger that should be fretting the adjacent string, etc.

The easiest way to fix this is to “pick” each individual string to see if it rings cleanly. When you pick a string and hear a high pitched “shriek”, or buzz, you know where the trouble is. From there you need to look at that string to check if;

(i) The finger that should be fretting that string is doing so properly. This means that the finger should be on the correct fret and not crossing over onto an adjacent fret/string.

(ii) The string is being touched by a finger assigned to another string. If this happens you simply need to adjust your fingers so that the offending finger no longer touches the string – interfering with its sound.

The idea is to keep using this method to analyze mistakes until you get the chord to ring cleanly – at which point you need to make a note of how the correct fingering feels and try to repeat it as much as possible until it becomes set in “muscle memory”.

On that note, my next post will most likely be on muscle memory and its critical importance in mastering barre chords – and playing the guitar in general. Also look out for my next webcam video cover – Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me – later this week when I have time! I promise! As soon as school gives me a break(or on the weekend) I’ll make it and upload it as a great barre chord tutorial – and a chance to show off :)

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