So I’ve spent quite a few posts giving you guys all sorts of tips on nailing these annoying barre chords – often the bane of a newbie guitarist’s journey to rockstardom. I’ve talked about elbow position, wrist position, how to apply pressure, practice techniques, and more (see my other posts for details – there’s a Categories section on the sidebar to make them easier to find :) ). What I didn’t get into is the great difference it makes when learning/playing on barre chords on guitars of varying quality.

To sum it up in one sentence – as a general rule – barre chords are significantly easier to play on high-end, more expensive guitars, than their cheaper counterparts. Below is the main factor that contributes to this;

Action – This refers to the distance between the strings and the fretboard. The lower the strings are (i.e. less distance), the easier it is to fret barre chords – or any chord for that matter (barre chords just make it more noticeable ’cause they’re annoying that way) :P The more expensive a guitar is, the lower its actions is likely to be – making it easier to play.

Here’s what you need to consider, a cheap guitar will be more difficult to play when you’re trying to get the hang on barre chords. That being said, it might seem obvious that you should go out and get an expensive guitar – maybe some brand name Fender Strat – to make it easier on yourself. This might not be the best idea, however. Not only is it too much of an investment to buy a high-end guitar, when you’re only just learning to play, but it also helps you in the long run to struggle with mastering barre chords on a cheaper guitar. Put simply, once you get the hang of it on a lower quality guitar, you’ll never have trouble on a high-end instrument when you upgrade! :)

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