So I’ve been super-busy with schoolwork and band practice but I have a little time now to write a few more tips I’ve discovered that have made barre chords even easier :) Yes, they DO get easier! I’ll prove it with a video over the weekend showing how much I’ve managed to get the hang of it – just to give you motivation!….okay so maybe I just wanna show off….:D

Anyways! Two things I’ve found to help a LOT are proper posture and elbow position. This might sound cliche but if you’re anything like me (and most people), you don’t have naturally good posture – you probably slouch. Well I found out (with the help of my guitar teacher) that sitting up straight makes a HUGE difference with barre chords! You’re able to exert more pressure on the strings you’re barring (with less effort), and it helps you switch to, and from, barre chords easier because your body is in a more natural position. It WILL feel awkward at first -hell, sitting up straight feels awkward even when you’re not playing unless you’re used to it- but I promise you’ll realise just how much it helps after a couple days’ persistence! :)

P.S. You don’t have to sit up perfectly straight – just don’t slouch or rest your body on the guitar too much. In any case sitting up straight is good for you in general! Lots of health benefits! :)

The other tip I want to share is on elbow position. This one really only applies when you’re just learning – once you have the hang of barre chords you can do whatever you want really. :P It seems to help you fret barre chords better if you tuck your left elbow against your side as you apply pressure to the strings. This, again, helps you exert more force without any extra wasted effort.

And that’s all the time I have tonight! I might not be able to post another video until the weekend but I’ll try and post tomorrow! Subscribe! (top right hand side of the page) – and even if you don’t – be sure to check back!

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