So I mentioned at the end of my last post that I would talk about one other common beginner’s mistake – one that usually only happens when playing barre chords – and that can REALLY hurt your fingers after a while! :O Because of the initial awkwardness of the barre chord hand position, your second, third, and fourth fingers might exhibit a tendency to “lean” towards your index (barre) finger – thereby causing you to use the “side” of your finger tip to press on the strings. I can’t seem to get a picture up to demonstrate….:(…but! You’ll know its happening if the part of your fingertips (on those last 3 fingers) that hurts after playing barre chords is the area just to the side of the nail – rather than the very tips of the fingers (which is the right way). Hopefully I explained that well enough :)

It might seem harder to force your fingers to co-operate and stop “leaning” to towards your barre – and it is at first – but you’ll feel a lot less pain if you can master the right position. More importantly, it’s much more accurate and you’re far less likely to make strings buzz by accidentally touching a string you’re not supposed to. I’ll upload pictures tomorrow to explain better :)

In the meantime, the ESSENTIAL point is that you should use your fingertips and NOT the tender area just beside the fingernail! Try to get your second, third, and fourth fingers and nice pretty right angles to the fretboard and don’t let them tilt much towards your index finger!

I mentioned in my last post that your index finger should never venture into the adjacent fret (e.g. when forming a B minor chord your finger should not stray into the 3rd fret). I’m saying it again here (visit my last post for full details and advice) because it seems to happen as an initial side effect of trying to implement the technique I explained above.

Just like all my other bits of advice, following it will be difficult at first but I promise you’ll thank me later! :)

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Random Fact: My favorite band is All Time Low! :D

I haven’t decided what tomorrow’s post will be on yet but don’t forget that I promised to upload a video of me covering a song (I told you which song in my last post) later this week! Stick around! :)