As I mentioned in one of my first posts, the string that REALLY annoys people learning barre chords is the high-E string (the thinnest string) – particularly if the first barre chord you try to learn is B minor (Bm). I already talked about the usual explanation for buzzing from this string – inadequate pressure on it from the index finger – in one of my earlier posts. There is another VERY common mistake, however, that usually goes over-looked until you start playing well and notice that your barre chords don’t sound quite right all the time…

Because of the initial awkward feeling your fingers get when trying to form barre chords, a lot of bad habits develop. By now you should have read my earlier posts – and should be able to form a Bminor chord – so I want you to do that and check to see how close your index finger is to the 3rd fret. If you’re anything like me, (and I hope you are because then I’ll feel a lot less stupid :D ) you’ll probably see your index finger (especially at the base) trying to push its way over into the 3rd fret – usually most noticeable on the high E string. If that finger steps out of bounds enough it will mute that string causing an unpleasant buzzing sound when you strum.

According to my guitar teacher, the way to fix this is to make an extra effort to adjust your hand position so that your index finger lies in a straight line (or as straight as you can get it) WITHIN the 2nd fret and NOT on, or over, the fret wire. Practice makes perfect – and I’m yet to perfect it – but I’ll be sure to post a video comparison when I do :)

You might have noticed that I use the B minor chord a lot to explain stuff. That’s because it’s the most common barre chord that you’ll find when you’re looking up popular songs that you want to play.

And speaking of popular songs…I’ll be uploading a video tutorial of how to play “Whataya Want From Me” by Adam Lambert (the “easier” way) within a week. It makes heavy use of the B minor chord and is an easily recognizable song that you can show off :)

One more thing! You DO NOT want to miss tomorrow’s post! I’m going to explain a mistake (once again, made by yours truly :P ) that can make barre chords much harder to master than they already are! Not only that, but this mistake can make your fingers blister! Like mine have started to do….:(

Anyways! That’s all for me tonight! Don’t forget to subscribe so you get updated when I post! :D