Well I’m a bit late with this post but here’s what I have for you guys! (You might want to read my earlier posts first if you’re just learning!) It’s a simple exercise that I’ve been struggling with myself but its VERY good practice for switching between  barre chords and between barre and open chords! And guess what? I made a Youtube vid to show you how much a  I suck at it! :) Well, I play the chords 100 % right but sometimes I switch too slow…especially on webcam…

So anyway the chord progression is A, Bm, C#m, and D – Two strums per chord!

The good thing about me switching so slow when I’m recording on webcam (I guess its nerves) is that you can see exactly how to form the chords! :D

Here’s the video…

As I said, I’m still mastering this tricky progression plus I was nervous! Don’t judge me! :)

Anyways, play your way through that for as long as you can until you can do it for 30 seconds continuously. Once you can do that you’ve officially got the hang of all the varieties of barre chord switching! (Barre chord —> Open Chord and Barre Chord —> Barre Chord). With one simple progression :)

A, Bm, C#m, D and repeat – Two strums per chord

Good luck! Subscribe to my blog! And if you don’t…just check back in a day or two for my next post! Not sure what the topic will be yet…:)