Hey guys! :) So this is my first post where I won’t actually be teaching you anything about barre chords – or anything else actually. First of all, Jamplay is this great guitar lessons program that you can get on where they teach you how to play from beginner to advanced level. It does cost money (like most good things) but read on and you’ll see how you can get in on it for free! :) Basically, what happened is Teachstreet – this site that makes it easy to find local and online classes (including guitar lessons) contacted me about a free Jamplay lessons promotion. It’s two-fold as I’ll explain below.

You can go here and get 50 % of a month’s subscription to Jamplay (so it’s $9.99).

You can also win a free subscription in one (or all) of the following ways.

1) If you go to the new forum I set up and make a sensible thread in the Jamplay Promo Section you’ll automatically have a chance of getting one of them! :) Be sure to say why you think you should get one. It helps your chances if you get actively involved in the forum too (I’m trying to start a nice helpful community of guitarists who can help each other and beginners :) ) since I decide who gets the (limited number) free subscriptions they gave me!

2) If you share my blog on Facebook or Twitter, post that in the same forum section and it helps if you post your Twitter name so I can check :)

3) Finally, you can email me at admin@ihatebarrechords.com and tell me personally why you think you should get one! :)

Don’t worry – I’m gonna give out as many as I can (it’s not entirely up to me) and since they’re limited I’ll give them out to the people that get the most involved with my site and the promotion. The rest still get to read my awesome advice for free! :D If I pick you Ill let you know by email! Get involved now! :P