So this post is LONG overdue so thanks to all the loyal readers who stuck around! Schoolwork’s been piling up but in a couple weeks it’ll be Xmas break and I’ll probably be able to post every day :)

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Anyways, another common mistake I discovered (and as usual I discovered it by doing it myself with a lot of frustration -_-’) is letting any of the strings on the fret your barring fall into those creases in your finger. It’s easy to see why a barre chord fretted that way would buzz because the string/s could (a) get caught in the crease and not vibrate properly (b) cause extra pain (especially if you haven’t developed callouses yet) which might deter you from practicing as much as you should. To put it simply, it’s just another thing you should watch out for and a great way to avoid it is to take the advice I’ve given in my previous posts and roll your index finger a little to the side towards the nut when fretting a barre chord. This exposes the firmer surface at the side of your finger to strings and distributes pressure more evenly.

Again, if it’s your first time here and you’re struggling with barre chords you HAVE to read my other posts ! They really will help a lot! :P

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